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Background of Drones

Before having a wide range of different usages, Drones were used in the military as weapons, specifically “remotely-guided aerial missile deployers.” According to A brief history of drones: The remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (Uavs), the concept of drones first appeared in the year 1849 during an altercation between Austria and Venice. The Austrian military forcesContinue reading “Background of Drones”


Overall, Drones are used in numerous amounts of ways and situations. In current times, these aerial vehicles have resulted in many benefits among the public; however, it has also led to people fearing for their safety. Despite this setback, life with drones has prompted the development of many modern technological advancements. With technology becoming aContinue reading “Conclusion”

The Future of Drones

With the rapid growth of technological advancement and developments, the future for drones is looking great. The abilities of today’s drones may improve and expand in the near future. According to Sky-high concerns: Understanding the security threat posed by drones, China has already been developing a solar-powered drone that could be able to fly permanently asContinue reading “The Future of Drones”

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